Monday, April 14, 2008

For You... My Dream

For You…My dream…

Dreams… are this they say
I always think about you and me
How can I get rid of you here in my mind?
When dreams' being with you lingers my whole life.

You left a hole in my very soul
I never know how to fix it at all
Do I need to wait until the right time comes?
The day that I have the courage to say you are not mine.

It's so hard but I want to try
Not to think of you even a bit in my mind
How do I can appreciate those beauties around me?
When I stare at them, your face flashes easily.

Seems so hard But I still hope
That you are the one I want to hold
Before this pearls run down on my face
I must admit you are the person that I cherish

Maybe someday in flesh I can hold you
Here in my arms that hungers, and my heart that knows
There you can feel the love, the feelings I want to give just for you…

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